A Separate Peace

Collection of Poems
Sahar Rezaee

For all those times
That made me try
For all the crimes
That made me cry
For all the truth
I begged when it lied
For all those nights
I dreamed as it died
For all the waves that I felt on the sea
For all the love that grew within me
For every dream and every truth
For all the care that I had as a youth
For every moment and every time
That made me believe in its crime
When I saw the blood flow and go
And I saw the fear and I had to run
For every breath that is taken from thee
And every truth that grew within me
For all the shattered and all that is lost
For all the wars and broken hearts
For all the time that went by
As I begged it to stand by
For a separate peace and a separate
For a separate victim and a separate start
For this reason and every line
I shall never stop, I will always try.

Winter 1999


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