End of Love

Collection of Poems
Sahar Rezaee

And I will always
Remember it
For what this was
For the love
That it was
Red as blood flow
But so purifying

And I have known
To love
And I have known
What love is
And I have now
A heart
Overflowing with loving

But how calm it is
When it doesn’t beat
Oh, how amazing
When love is complete

Oh, how painful and full
How utterly despaired
How wonderfully confused
How sorrowfully impaired

My eyes are blind
Tearfully ashamed
For having looked at
Nothing but love’s pain

Now it is the end of love
And I get the taste of it
When love is dying
Oh, I get the pain of it

When the hands don’t want
To give the love they have
When they secretly keep
What they can’t understand

And I can see now
Teary eyes are crying
The emptiness within
When love is still trying
And I will always
Remember it
The love
That was desperate

Yet full of hope
Filled with beliefs
But love couldn’t hold
When it was deceived

See how it betrays
To the eyes of a man
When all he believed
Died in his hands

The glory of deception
You must understand
The defining moment
When love is at end

The moment to love
Is a matter of fact
Cut off from world
Cut off from land

The end of love
As hate flows in air
When it desires
And it causes pain

And I will always
Remember it
The love
That was desperate
The love
That came to end
As it deceived me
Died in my hands.

Oct 07, 2008


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