Collection of Poems
Sahar Rezaee

Every time
I look at my mind
And see the very kind
Of the reason
That I hate,
The very reason
That I take,
Every mistake that I make
That is you

And make a true glow out of it
Until I grow out of you
And look at my mind
Again and see you
And know how to begin
To leave you

And know the very reason
For me to be treason
Like you
For me to be as hateful
As you
For me to be faithful
Beside you
For me who is obvious
In this battle of envious
Upon you

And look at my mind
Until the moment I find

Until the moment I
The kind of a person
I have become

Detach from insanity

Attach to reality

To see
The humanity

To know
The defining moment
Of it all

To know the mystifying
This very magnificent
My prized
Disturbed mind
That’s gone wild
Because of you

Do I take it for granted?
That this is always expected?

Can you show me your face?
Hidden behind the charades
That you put on
And live on
To tell me
That Nobody really cared
About the things that I dared

Because of you
The very kind that I hate
You remain to be
The only darkness in my fate

I have to
In my lost mind
That has gone missing
And is Mad
That has come
To me
From you
And is sad
And this
I know
It is true;
You and me
Or through
Will never find peace
Or be at ease
Until the time
You overcome me
Until the time
I overcome You.

Apr 05, 2004


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