The Prison of the Mind

Collection of Poems
Sahar Rezaee

The prison of the mind
Happens when it is locked
On something dangerous
Something vicious and treacherous
This however
Might not matter

But you have to live
In this prison of the mind
When it is in pain
And does not want
To be better
To reach out
Or to touch

The prison of the mind
Happens when you know
What you are made of
And you show
Even when it is not enough
And you know
And you see no more
When danger is inside
Of you
And you want no more
Of what goes on
In that mind of yours

But in the mind that
You are the prisoner of
Things are not wanted or loved
Suffering is nothingness
And agony is meaningless
Of everything you possess
What will become of your life?
When your life
Becomes an excess

In this prison of the mind
There is torture to be found
There is no way to be freed
There is nowhere you could hide.

Sept 17, 2007


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