Thunderous Silence

Collection of Poems
Sahar Rezaee

My destructive rage
That would cut through blade
My seductive image
That would bleed in every shade
My deflective courage
That would tear up all charades
All hidden as the essence
Of this thunderous silence

As I would quietly know
Of my daring dream
As I would quietly go
I will break your esteem

In this thunderous silence of mine
Things are nothing of what they seem
Things are terribly crude
Things are awfully surreal

In this thunderous silence of mine
There are desires hidden
As hateful as the dark
Shadows carefully ridden

In this thunderous silence of mine
I can kill and I can harm
I can be the very devil
That you are terrified to find

My destructive rage
Towering over my image
It is what I have to have
To defend a painful damage

The thunderous silence
Is only of one essence
When dreams are decaying
It is the pretence of acceptance.

Nov 09, 2004


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