To Love

Collection of Poems
Sahar Rezaee

You can only love
When you know
What love is
When you find out
What love is
You can only see through
When you are true
To what love is

Cruelty to me
When you see me
As the real me
Cruelty to you
When I see you
As the real you

Above all of what
It means to love me
It means to love you

You can only love
The love you create
The love that is worth
Everything you hate
The desires within
Are in the search of
Significant lives
Who you can think of

Personal beliefs
Are meaningless no less
Reveals in moments
When it refuses

To love

Hidden every truth
Lies of incident
When in every turn
Is a bad coincident

To love

Dealing with an empty man
Is like you really can
Heal from deep scars
The ultimate response

To love

This method of existence
That verifies my resistance

Has passed
To be

Has passed
To love

My more integrated self
Becomes aware of a fact
This alone will indicate
The challenge one must really take
To love

This desire deepens, grows
With all intake it glows
This ineffective trial
Of an effective denial
Will harm the empty man
As if he really can


This has enforced
An entirely new
Of love

Ongoing support and care
For those who honourably dare

To love.

Nov 09, 2004


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